The Bird Road – from the moon to arctic idyll

Honningsvåg – Gjesvær (36 km): 15 km along E69 towards Nordkapp. From the junction E69 / Fv156 it is 21 km to Gjesvær.

The road to Gjesvær resembles at certain places a moon landscape. Not much grows there. Just before you can see the Arctic Ocean, you may think that you are on the way to nowhere. Then the idyllic island scene of Gjesvær comes into sight from the top of the hill. The contrast is magnificent. You arrive at our place two minutes later. You will park max 100 meters from the boat.

Airports in the area:
Alta, 242 km
Lakselv, 194 km
Kirkenes, 554 km
Ivalo (Finland), 423 km
Tromsø, 647 km
Enontekiö (Finland), 453 km

Other transportation:
Local Rental Cars
Local Taxi
Local Bus Honningsvåg – Gjesvær

Bus Helsinki – North Cape / Bus North Cape – Helsinki

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